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The pans are renowned for these rainy season flamingo populations and other water birds; pelicans, ducks, and teals, (more visible March to April) which can be seen from Nata Birds Sanctuary about 120kms east of our camp. During the winter dry months which is the best period to drive the pans especially Kubu Island, Kori bustards, Korhaans can be spotted along grass fringes accompanied.

Makgadikgadi Adventure Camp is a self drive, self catering facility only. Currently it provides basic essential camping facilities. Additional activities will be added in the very near future which will include horse rides to kudu island (19kms away) quad bikes on the white surface pans and guided walks into the bush and nearby cultural places. The camp can be used as a base for touring the pans and all the attractions at the pans, and also can be linked with other packages to provide diversity in the holiday package.




Makgadikgadi Adventure Camp


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